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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Jonathan Barnes who was born in Maryland on August 19, 1988 and passed away on December 11, 2005 at the age of 17. We will remember him forever.

He spent the day on December 10th, 2005 Skateboarding and snowboarding with his buddies, then went to a sleepover at a friend's house. Tragically, that house caught fire and he perished along with 2 of his friends, Brian and Mike.

We never imagined on that day when he said "goodbye, I love you" that it would be the last time we would see or hear him again. This website is for all who loved Jon, and want to share in his eternal memory.

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The Angel Garden 2007 

Jon and Bronco...Reunited in Eternity 4/20/09
We miss you, sweet angels! XOXOXO





This Site is a place for Memory, Peace, Love,Friends and Family. Anonymous tributes and candles will no longer be accepted, due to individuals who have chosen to abuse this site and hurt our family! If you have respect for Jon and his memory, there is no reason to be anonymous. 
Jon's Godmother was, and always will be Lori Thompson. She was with Jon since the age of 2, and was there for him and us always. Her sons, Ricky, Tony and Tyler were like brothers to Jon and he referred to her as Aunt Lori.Thank you Lori, for always being there, through thick and thin, for Jon, for his family for me, Jon's mom. Jon is looking over you. God Bless you!

He is our guardian angel now and forever.


Injured Soul by Carole Barrett

The questions that haunt me
Every hour of each day:
Why my child had to leave
And yet, I had to stay
Still, my feet on the Earth
When not tucked away in bed
As I try to make sense of
These thoughts in my head.
And the pain that is choking
I cannot hardly breath,
In fact, All I can do
Is cry, mourn and grieve.
Only memories to cling to
And replay in my dreams
I remember that day
And the thousands of screams.
There is aching and yearning
for what used to be
And for what could have been
I will never get to see.
I miss your every essence
But most of all your smile
Just wishing you could come back
if only for a while
But I know that can't happen
And it scares me to death
I will feel this missing part
until I take my last breath.
A loss so intense
It has injured my soul,
And until I've departed
I will never be whole.

Yesterday We Cried Together
 / Carole Barrett (Jon's Mom )

My sweet angel,
Yesterday I was missing you more than ever.
I went outside and looked up at the sky
It was covered with white, billowy clouds
Except for one spot where the sun was shining down
And beautiful rays were cast on the ground at my feet
As if you were saying "Hi mama, I'm looking at you!"

And then I began to cry,
And out of nowhere, a burst of rain
 started pouring down on me...
And I felt that you must have been missing
 my hugs as much as I was missing yours.
And for 15 seconds, we were crying together.
Then the rain stopped.
That's when I knew you were there with me,
You always were the only one that knew
 how I was feeling when no one else did.
And a small wave of peace warmed my heart.

Yesterday we cried together,
 and someday we will be hugging each other again.
Thanks for being my angel, yesterday, today and forever....
I love you.


A Poem To My Brother  / Kaitlyn Marie (Jons Sister )
He is gone now, Say goodbye now,
It just broke my heart.
I'll always ask "how?" and ask "why now?"
But nothing can break us apart.
I think that he is asleep in his bed,
and I can give him a kiss upon his head.
No one knows the way I feel,
I wish this feeling was not real.
                             -Kaitlyn Marie Age 11

My Song For Jon  / Brooke Lynn Barrett (Baby Sister )
This song is to the tune of "Are You Sleeping, Brother Jon"
(Brooke is 5, and she made this up herself)

Where is Jon?
Where is Jon?
In my Heart,
In my Heart,
I found Him
I found Him
Ding, Ding, Dong... Ding, Ding, Dong.

A Grieving Mother's Guilt - Poem  / Carole Barrett (Jon's Mom )
God gave me my son on my happiest day.
I know The Lord giveth, but He tooketh away....
What right do I have to smile and be free,
To enjoy the bright sun or the shade from a tree.
To feel ANY joy, and get through my day,
To look into the future, Though each day I pray....
For forgiveness for all of the things I did wrong,
For any sadness I caused or not singing his song.
How can I have tomorrow when he was denied,
Or wish for some happiness...How is that justified?
And my little ones....How can I look in their eyes
Without wondering what will be their demise?
For, if I have out-lived a light so strong and bright,
Could it happen again without any foresight?
I struggle each day in hope to find peace.
Will I dare to move on...Will the pain ever cease?
Will my tears ever dry or my mind ever rest?
Will each day of my life be the ultimate test?
Can this guilt ever end and good memories prevail?
Will I learn from my mistakes or continue to fail?
I will love him forever, remember, and cry...
Did I love him enough? How hard did I try?
What could I have done to prevent such a thing?
I have so many questions, and the heartaches they bring.
He now is my ANGEL, which I do not deserve...
Only God knows the reason, so forever I'll serve......

by Carole Barrett to my Son Jon, forever my Angel

My Man   by / UnkleKevy
Jon...I saw you grow up from the sweetest and most kindest and loveable human I will ever know in my life. My God, I Cannot understand a world without your smile and presence. I cannot believe you have passed on to the greater domain of GOD and the promised hereafter. We will all miss you and think about the amazing things you have acomplished on your short, but remarkable transistion in this world. You are gone from our loving existance but I know, You will Skate your way on the other side and figure it all out for the rest of us so when we pass over, YOU will be there to help us and calm our fears.

You Rock!

I Love You :)

Grief / by Charles Grandaddy
You will be in my heart and thoughts until we meet again in the next life. You hit alot of home runs in baseball and in life until you skateboarded to Heaven. I say goodnight to you every night and goodmorning to you every morning because I know we will see each other again.

You were my only grandson......I'll always love you.....Charles Grandaddy.

To express this lost no words can be said
The tears we’ve cried, the tears that fled
To say I miss you can be so hard
It’s like last week we were playing in my front yard
The laughs we shared
I wish you knew how much I cared
To hear your voice just one more time
would be sublime
You'll always be in my heart
I've loved you from the very start
Of our beautiful friendship which I hold so dear
In hopes our reunion will be near
You may be gone but your spirit will stay
We’ll feel it in our hearts each and everyday
-Anais Eslami

you are an inspiration to all of us  / Drew McMurtrie (friend)
i remember when we were younger, i think you were a freshman and i was still in middle school but even then before i knew your name i really did idolize you just because of the way you skated. Back then i never would have realized that we would become friends. You were then and now the most influencial person i have ever known and i miss you every single day, every day i think about you and what you should have been. I still get excited when i go skate and forget for a second that you have passed away, i feel so happy for that second because in my mind it feels like we are skating together again. You always got me so excited to skate and made everybody happy you were really larger than life. I will always remember the short time that i was able to spend with you like that time we got kicked out of the church-4 and the second after the cop turned around that bend you did a huge switch flip down the set, or in shepardstown when you told me you wanted to get serious with your skating so you could travel and make a career out of skating. I really think you would have made it. i miss you more than anyone i have ever missed, even after 2 months your still as real as you were in life. i'll practice down here, maybe ill play you in skate some day. Rest in peace jon

My son , my best friend  / Bobby Barrett (Step dad )
Hey buddy, it's your stepdad. Ever since I met you that is basically what you had known me as until recently. I noticed that you would start refering to me as just your "Dad". I wanted you to know that I called you not just my stepson but my "son". I felt that even though we weren't by blood we were in spirit. But most of all , relations and titles aside , you are a best friend. I miss you so much and I feel really sad sometimes thinking of things that a "Dad" and "Son" do together and what we never got to. Then I'll look at your picture , see your big smile , and you make me start to feel again. Then I just can't help but to crack a smile back at you. I know mine's not as brilliant as yours but that's all I got and it's for you. I'll see you again one day and boy do we have a lot of catching up to do. You are magic. I'll love you forever and miss you 'till I see you again.

Your "Dad" , 
Your Best friend , 

I LOVE YOU JON BARNES...  / Taylor (Girlfriend...)
Jonathan Ray Barnes...
Words can't even explain how much I miss you, and how lost I am without you..I know that nothing will ever be the same without you, and I will NEVER forget all the good times that you showed me..I honestly didn't think I would find someone in Boonsboro High that would make me that happy, but I deffinetly did,I found myself always smiling when I was with you..and the feeling that I got in my stomach when I saw your smile..that smile lit up my day no matter what happened throughout the school day..I don't really know why you choose me to be your girlfriend, but I want to thank you for giving me that opportunity, I couldn't have asked for anyone better. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND THERE WILL ALWAYS BE A PLACE IN MY HEART FOR YOU NO MATTER WHAT!
Can't wait to see that smiling face again..I love you.

I have always been so proud of you, but now more than ever.  I sit here with eyes full of tears and stinging while I read all the beautiful tributes your friends and family have written.  You have touched so many lives and continue to do so.  You keep smiling and when the day comes we are together again I will be looking forward to that big hug I always got from you.

Love you and miss you, Grandma

A POEM FOR YOU ,MAN  by Jimmy Snyder

And so it comes, just as it is-
A day no longer here-
And through my trembling fingertips,
The memories of the year.
I wave farewell to you my friend;
I will forget you never.
I wonder if our crazy times
Will stay with you forever.
But as I cry in pain of losing
such a good friend,
I will not close this book and say,
"Farewell, this is the end."
For good-byes create swift helloes
And the days you will so see,
That though it hurts to say good-bye,
Your friend I'll always be. 


The Tranquility of My Despair
by Carole Barrett

I sit here in the Tranquility of my despair,
And time rushes past me, like a waterfall
that cannot stop
And I am a rock beneath it,
standing firm against the rushing waters of time.
Before you left me, I would glitter and shine
in the light's reflection,
But now an eternal shadow is cast where I lay.
On occasion, the rough waters will tip me,
or wear me down just a little,
But I am powerless to move on my own.
I long for someone or something to pick me up
and cast me downstream just a bit,
Back into the light's reflection
So that I can glitter and shine again,
and remember....
What life was like before you went away
And possibly begin to enjoy
the tranquility of my despair
From a different perspective.

- Carole Bern-Barrett
In dedication to my son Jonathan, 1988-2005


by Carole Barrett

Why, my child, why....
Was it your time for goodbye.
We would have done so much more
If we'd only known before
We'd have flown on that plane
To some tropical terrain
We'd have played in the snow
Sledding Hills high and low.
We'd have swam in the ocean
Living life in full motion
We'd have surfed every wave
Every seashell we'd save.
We'd have seen every wonder
Never fearing the thunder
And rejoiced in the rain
Without worry or pain.
We'd have cherished our future's past
Making memories to last.
Oh what there was left to do
If only we knew.....

Tributes and Condolences
Our Special Thanksgiving   / Carole Bern (Mother)
One of my most memorable Thanksgivings with you was in 2004, the year before you passed and I both had to work all day, me at the shop and you at Subway...and everyone else went away to eat with relatives. When you got off work, you walke...  Continue >>
Jon  / Kaitlyn Barnes (sister)
Hey bro. I miss you so much. its been 5 years it feels like you were here yesterday turning up your music loud and body slamming me onto the couch. haha i miss that. no one else can do that like you did. I miss you on the nights i am scared and can't...  Continue >>
With you in the New Year 2010   / Mom
Hi baby...another New Year starting...but I know I am starting it with the most amazing guardian angel a person could ever ask for...Thanks for showing me this in the driveway today :
Precious Jonathan,   / Rose Grma To Angel Brittany Syfert
When some one you love becomes a memory the memory becomes a treasure. Holding you sweet angel and all who love and miss you in my heart on your angelversay Dec. 112005
HAPPY 21st Birthday, Jon!!   / Mom
HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY BABY!!!The butterfly release was beautiful and wonderful friends were here to share it with us....wonderful friends who humor your silly mother for continuing to have birthday parties for you every year....and as you know when the...  Continue >>
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